Xero Shoes Affiliate Program

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The Xero Shoes story is simple:

We believe in FEET!

Your feet are a marvel – over ¼ of the bones and joints in your entire body are in your feet. You have more nerve endings in your soles than anywhere but your fingertips and lips.

This isn’t an accident.

Xero Shoes’ sandals and shoes let your feet do what’s NATURAL -- bend, move, flex and feel the world!

People in 94 countries wear our shoes and sandals for walking, hiking, running, Crossfit, yoga, weight lifting, rafting, stand up paddle boarding and boating, race recovery, post-cycling shoes, and even running 256k ultramarathons across Madagagscar.

So lightweight, you’ll barely know you’re wearing them, and backed with our 5,000 mile FeelTrue® sole warranty.

Our CEO, Steven Sashen, has been a successful Internet marketer since 1992, so you’re in good hands. Steven says, “I want you to get the maximum value from the prospective Xero Shoe wearers you send to our site!”

We Offer Our Affiliates:

  • 10% commission
  • 60 day tracking cookie period -- plenty of time for the referred visitor to make a purchase that can earn you a commission
  • >2.23% conversion
  • New products coming out regularly, supported by massive product launches
  • Current AOV > $70
  • Aggressive lifecycle-based marketing to maximize conversions
  • Open to custom marketing collaborations
  • Open to all promotional methods - see PPC terms and conditions