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At FITS®, we are sock experts. The first time you try on a pair of FITS®, you will notice the difference. The fit and feel is right – that is, the sock dynamically adapts to the shape of your foot with a comforting and conforming hold. But the true test of our sock is during and after it’s been put to work on the trail, on the slopes, on the road, or on the job. That is when you will truly appreciate your FITS®.

Most socks serve a useful purpose but are burdened with issues - they bunch at the toe, they fall down on the job, they rub and create blisters. For us, the challenge was simple – make the best sock, right here in the USA.

FITS® are designed to meet the specific needs of our customer, not simply made like other sock brands:

  • FITS® create a superior barrier around the foot inside the shoe that results in greater comfort, moisture and temperature management, and a reduction in abrasion.
  • FITS® are ergonomically designed with a graduation of material through the foot and leg, and patented knitting practices that reinforce the structure of the sock to minimize slippage.
  • When creating a superior product start with superior materials. FITS® strives to use the highest quality materials, such as suit-grade Merino wool, omega performance synthetic yarn, Lycra® Spandex, Nylons, and Acrylics.