Darn Tough Vermont Affiliate Program

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Darn Tough Vermont has been offering premium all-weather performance socks for over 40 years. Darn Tough is focused on producing the very best, category-specific socks for hiking, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, work, lifestyle, endurance sports, and hunting. Crafting the world’s most comfortable, durable, and best fitting socks is an ardent skill passed down from father to son. This commitment, this passion, it’s in the blood.

Headquartered in Northfield, VT, every pair of Darn Tough socks are designed, crafted and created in the USA.

Affiliate Program Highlights & Value Propositions

  • 10% Base Commission
  • 4% Commission For Deal/Coupon Sites
  • Competitive Average Order Value
  • Strong Website Conversion Rate
  • Seasonal Promotions & Sales
  • Free Shipping On Multiple Item Purchases
  • Free Returns
  • Dedicated Management By Clique Affiliate Marketing

Product & Store Highlights

  • Made In Vermont USA
  • Unconditionally Guaranteed For Life
  • Produced In One Mill
  • Family Owned For 40 Years (3 Generations)

Darn Tough products appeal to a diverse group of customers. Target categories for Darn Tough include cycling, mountain biking, running, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, crossfit, field sports, and more.

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