Mark 7 Reloading Affiliate Program

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Mark 7® is the premier source for a digitally-controlled ammunition reloading machine. Our system works with a customers’ existing Dillon 1050 and 650 hand-operated reloading press to bring them up-to 2,500+ RPM of accurate, high quality, affordable ammo loading.

As the true best-in-class Autodrive of its kind, we offer affiliates a generous 8% commission on all Autodrives and sensors to help provide extra layers of safety, accuracy and efficiency when reloading.

We welcome shooting aficionados, gun enthusiasts, sportsmen, hunters and anyone looking to save money by making their own ammunition supply!
The Mark 7® Autodrive accepts all calibers of bullets and is a must-have upgrade to your traditional Dillon reloading press.

Why become an affiliate?

  • Generous 8% commission rate
  • Cookies don’t expire for 60 days – if you refer someone to our site and they come back and buy a month later – you still get credit!
  • Our most popular autodrive retails for $2,749 – meaning you make $200+ on every sale!
  • Professional video guides and a fully-staffed support team

We look forward to your partnership!