Nico Bloc USA Affiliate Program

7% commission • 30 days cookie duration

NicoBloc is an all-natural smoking cessation aid unlike any other product. Simply placing a drop of fluid on the filter of your normal brand of cigarette before smoking helps block tar and nicotine from entering your body without any change in taste or satisfaction.

Since NicoBloc is drug-free there are zero side affects and nothing goes on your body or in your body. There is no “cold turkey” required like with all the other smoking cessation products. Instead by reducing nicotine consumption smokers gradually reduce their addiction and number of daily cigarettes smoked, thereby making it much easier to quit entirely. Quit success rates with NicoBloc exceed 50% compared to 6-7% with the gum, patch or pill.

Program highlights:

  • 7% Commission
  • 30-Day Cookie Duration
  • $50 Average Order Value
  • Free shipping in US on orders $100+
  • 100% Guaranteed Returns
  • Return Rate < 1%