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Sherpa Adventure Gear makes high quality apparel for exploring the world. For hundreds of years, Sherpas have searched for the best ways to stay warm, dry and comfortable in the highest mountains on earth. In this spirit, we seek to honor these legendary high-altitude climbers by creating adventure gear that earns their praises. We focus on providing economic and social stability to the people of our homeland of Nepal through steady employment, quality working conditions and educational opportunities for future generations.

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We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our values and vision. Partner with us by helping to send your audience to Sherpa Adventure Gear from your website, email list and social media accounts. Our affiliate platform tracks clicks, sales and commissions.
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Additional Terms and Conditions:

Ad Copy Restrictions:
For current season product, Sherpa Adventure Gear does not authorize any affiliate to use verbiage that implies discounts including, but not limited to: discount, sale, savings, cheap, markdown, for less, % off, deal, low price, discounted, closeout, or discontinued to promote Sherpa Adventure Gear.

Keyword Guidelines and Restrictions:
Affiliates may bid on promotional keywords, but the search advertising headlines and ad copy cannot contain discounting terms.

Keyword Restrictions:
Sherpa Adventure Gear

*Punitive Measures*
If Sherpa Adventure Gear finds any affiliates abusing the ad copy and/or keyword restrictions, the affiliate relationship will be terminated and all sale commissions will be reversed.