IDENTILOCK Affiliate Program

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Thank you for checking out the IDENTILOCK Affiliate Program! We hope you will partner with us to increase safety and security with this cutting edge technology.

Your world will be a little safer and access to your firearm will be faster with Sentinl's IDENTILOCK – the quick access trigger lock that opens with the touch of your fingerprint. Boasting the industry's fastest fingerprint identification technology, IDENTILOCK recognizes your fingerprint in about 300 milliseconds, which is as fast as the blink of an eye. It even identifies up to three different authorization fingerprints, or you can unlock it using the mechanical key override. Compact design is about the same size as a wallet and it weighs less than 12 oz. Built-in USB port lets you charge its rechargeable battery.

IDENTILOCK is available in five different models and fits a variety of pistols, including most Glocks, the Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield, and a selection of 1911’s.

The IDENTILOCK® mission is not only to bring new technology to the gun lock world, but it is to prevent gun related accidents and lift the negative stigma that surrounds firearms.


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