Sagan Life Affiliate Program

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The Sagan Life Affiliate Program brings you the opportunity to market two great product lines:

👉 Sagan Life Water Filtration products


🆕👉 Kelly Kettle products-The Most Reliable, Ultra-fast Camp Kettle and Camp Stove


Safe Water Anywhere. Anytime. Sagan Life is the premium affiliate program for anyone who has an audience interested in pure water for general health and wellness, outdoor recreational activities and for those who love to travel or are interested in emergency preparedness.

Everything we do at Sagan Life is to enhance and preserve life. We believe personal wellness is dependent upon access to pure water.

We preserve life and promote health and wellness by creating state-of-the-art water purification products for everyday use, while traveling, outdoor activities and for times of emergency. These products are reliable, easy to use and promote personal wellness and self-reliance.

The Sagan Life Message and Promise

We have created specialty water purification products for four specific target market groups: Travel, Health and Wellness, Outdoor Activities and Emergency Preparedness. Whatever your audience, there is a Sagan Life water purifier product which will serve the needs of our customers. We are excited to bring you our water purifiers which incorporate new HydraDyne technology and provide the benefit of hydrating you up to 50% faster than drinking normal tap water.

The water filter industry is rampant with manufacturers which make claims on the number of gallons a particular filtration product will filter, however, only a few actually have independent test results to substantiate their claims. Sagan Life pioneered the testing protocol known as “End of Life” testing, where the filters are challenged with contaminants every 25 gallons to substantiate how many gallons they will actually safely filter and purify. We openly and freely make these test results available for all to see and inspect.

We claim our water purifiers “make any non-salt water safe”. We stand by that claim after years of testing, devoting countless hours and lots of dollars to make sure our purifiers will provide safe water for all your customers who use them, no matter if they are on a safari in Africa, climbing their favorite mountain path or if faced with a devastating emergency– no matter what surface, street water, flood water, lake water or contaminated water of any type they may be forced to use to survive.

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The Kelly Kettle has been used by outdoor enthusiasts for over 125 years. It boils water outdoors in just 3 - 5 minutes using just a handful of natural fuel such as sticks, pine cones, bark, dry grass, etc. Want to Cook? Simply drop our Hobo Stove accessory onto the steel fire-base of the kettle and cook away! The Kelly Kettle and Hobo Camp Stove make boiling water & cooking, fast and easy in the outdoors. Perfect for Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Scouts, people working outdoors or fun family picnics.

  • Boils water Outdoors within 3-5 minutes. Works with any fuel: sticks, dry grass, bark, pine cones....even dry animal dung!
  • NO Batteries, NO Gas - FREE FUEL!
  • 3 sizes available in either Stainless Steel or Aluminum
  • Base Camp - Boils 54 fl. Packed Height 13" Width 7.3" Great for Groups, Family Outings, Car Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Emergency Preparedness.
  • Scout - Boils 41 fl. oz. Packed Height 10.4" Width 7.3" Great for Scouts, Groups or Families, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Emergency Preparedness, etc.
  • Trekker - Boils 20 fl. oz. Packed Height 10.4" Width 5.5" great for 1-2 people, Backpacking, Trekking, Kayaking, Canoeing, etc.
  • Perfect for Outdoor Recreation Activities, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Kits, Bug-Out & Go-Bags.
  • The new whistle lets you know when the water is boiled.
  • Lightweight, compact & durable. Works in extreme weather.
  • Carbon neutral green camping.
  • No travel restrictions (planes etc.)
  • The Hobo Stove quickly turns the fire-base into an efficient wood fueled Camp Stove.
  • No open fire - the fire is safely contained within the kettle & fire base

The Kelly Kettle is simply the most reliable camp stove and camp kettle and has been for over 125 years!! See the fun in action at Kellykettle on Instagram.

Why join the Sagan Life affiliate program?

  • 12% to 15% commission on all products sold, Huge Conversion Rates!
  • 30 Day cookie tracking
  • Unique Products that have broad appeal –outdoor enthusiasts: camping, fishing hunting, hiking. Preppers, health and wellness markets.
  • Dedicated affiliate support with 15 years-experience in performance marketing
  • Fresh content relevant to our four target markets: Outdoor and Emergency Preparedness,Travel, Health and Wellness.
  • Finest products available in the water filtration and camp gear markets.

We look forward to working with you in the promotion of these innovative and practical water purification products. You will be successful promoting them to your customers and your customers will benefit greatly from using them. They can be assured they will deliver the protection we have promised.

Thank you for your participation in the Sagan Life affiliate program.