Genie Traveler Affiliate Program

20% commission • 60 days cookie duration • Terms & Conditions

Genie Traveler disrupts the travel industry by providing the general public with access to industry-insider travel rates at savings of up to 70%.

The travel industry has a Dirty Little Secret. It lets 20% of its customers book for up to 70% less than the prices the rest of us have to pay. Large corporations pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to access wholesale rates inside the travel industry.

These wholesale discounts have only been available to the large corporations that have been prepared to pay huge upfront fees to access these rates. The rest of us have had no access to these Travel Industry Insider Deals.

That is, until now.

There’s no longer a need for you to pay retail like everyone else.

Genie Traveler provides access to over 800,000 hotels across 15,000 destinations worldwide with instant online booking. Users sign up and pay a small monthly fee to access incredible wholesale savings. Most users save more than their annual membership fee on just one booking.

Users enter their destination and travel dates and are instantly provided with search results of available accommodations and the savings they can make. They can then refine these results in the same manner as other leading Online Travel Agents (OTAs) using criteria such as price, hotel star rating and much more.

Why Partner With Genie Traveler?

  • Earn up to 26% per converted trial (20% is the default)
    • $1 - $499 = 20%
    • $500 - $999 = 22%
    • $1,000 - $1,499 = 24%
    • $1,500 + = 26%
  • 60-day cookie
  • The most popular product sells at $59.88
  • High-quality creatives provided
  • Great coupon opportunities to offer exclusive discounts to your audience
  • Exclusively on Avantlink
  • Dedicated program management by Bearcat Media