Zealios Affiliate Program

7% commission • 45 days cookie duration • Terms & Conditions

At Zealios, we get it. You train too hard to worry about getting burned by cheap sunscreen or smelling like the pool all day.

Our mission is to give athletes, like you confidence and peace of mind to perform at your best without worrying about your skin & hair products. Zealios products are designed and tested by top endurance athletes to stand the test of the hottest days, sweatiest adventures and toughest elements.

Zealios full product line up:

  • Sun Barrier SPF 45: Our zinc-based and water resistant sunscreen (dries completely clear & won’t sting your eyes!)
  • Betwixt: All natural anti-chafing lubricant great as chamois cream too (it won't stain your clothing!)
  • Swim & Sport: Sulfate-free shower products (Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash) formulated to gently remove hard minerals like chlorine & salt

Highlights of the Zealios Affiliate program include:

  • 7% commission rate
  • No restrictions on products or SKUs - You earn the same on all products
  • 45 day cookie
  • Free shipping on U.S. orders over $50 USD
  • Exclusive affiliate program promotions
  • Responsive team available to answer any questions
  • Access to official branded banners and graphics

Additional Terms & Conditions

Keyword Policies: Affiliates may not bid on tradenames (or misspellings). Affiliates may not bid on phrases which include tradenames (or misspellings).

We’d be stoked to have you part of Team Zealios!