SPOT Affiliate Program

10% commission • 30 days cookie duration
SPOT uses 100% satellite technology to keep you connected to the people and things that matter most. Our award winning products offer peace of mind by allowing you to track your assets, send and receive messages, notify friends and family of your GPS position and status, mark waypoints, track your progress on Google Maps™ or notify rescue officials in the event of an emergency. To date, our products have helped to initiate more than 6,100 rescues worldwide and continue to be an asset for everyone from a day hiker to someone through hiking the Appalachian Trail. SPOT X provides 2-way satellite messenger allows users to send custom SMS messages to any cell phone number or email address. Stay connected to family, friends and colleagues whenever you’re outside of cellular range including direct 2-way communication with Search & Rescue services in case of an emergency. SPOT Gen3 provides location-based messaging and emergency notification technology that allows you to communicate from remote locations around the globe. It offers custom tracking interval options, motion-activated tracking, long-life battery and more.

SPOT Trace tracks your most valuable assets virtually anywhere in the world, using your phone or computer. Affordable and easy to use, it's a no-brainer for your cars, boats, motorcycles, toys and other valuables.

Why join the SPOT Affiliate Program

  • 5-10 % Commission Rate
  • 30-day cookie
  • SPOT has helped to initiate over 6,000 rescues world wide
  • Wide range of use

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