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We believe the human body deserves a victory. Amp Human is dedicated to pioneering the creation of a completely new and trusted category of human performance tools.

Our product, PR Lotion, is the natural fighting force against fatigue and soreness. PR Lotion is a tool for the human body that delivers bicarbonate directly to the hardest working muscle groups. Bicarbonate is what the body naturally produces to neutralize acid, battle fatigue and reduce soreness. More bicarbonate means the ability to do more–more work, more results and more days doing what you love. Super simple science. Tried, true & tested. Real, tangible results.

PR Lotion’s effectiveness in fighting fatigue and soreness has been validated in two peer reviewed clinical studies with more on the way. The world's top athletes and teams have begun to embrace PR Lotion.

We're for those seeking to get more from their body to do more of what they love.

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