ZorroSign Affiliate Program

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ZorroSign is an Electronic Signature and Advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform. Ultimately it helps businesses go digital, save paper, reduce cost, and execute business agreements in a highly secure and efficient way that is in compliance with laws and regulations.

ZorroSign is different from all other eSignature providers, in that we have solved 5 major problems that exist in the solutions in the market today.

  1. Real eSignature: We use our patented real electronic signature instead of just an image of a signature.
  2. Signatory Attribution: Ensure that the person supposed to sign a document did in fact sign the document and not someone else.
  3. Security Certificates: ZorroSign digital security certificates do not expire and therefore agreements signed using ZorroSign do not expire.
  4. Tamper Proof Documents: ZorroSign offers our patent-pending Blockchain based 4n6 (Forensics) Token (or Tamper Seal) for fraud and tamper detection of digital and printed copies of documents. It also addresses the validation and authentication of eSigned documents.
  5. Complete Solution: ZorroSign DTM includes full workflow automation, exception handling, chain of custody and audit trail capabilities.

Founded in 2015, ZorroSign was developed in order to remove barriers for businesses and governments to go digital by developing a secure Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management platform that promotes user privacy, document security, an efficient paperless business environment; saving money and saving the environment, one eSignature at a time.

Program highlights:

  • Earn 50% for new customer sales
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