Glyder Affiliate Program

9% commission • 30 days cookie duration • Terms & Conditions

From day one, Glyder’s mission has been to cultivate a community of women who live life without limits. Those who see a boundary and break through it.

Since we are all unique and no adventure is the same, we make it our focus to design multifunctional pieces that will perform with any activity. We create pieces that can take you from studio, to street, to the highest peak, all in one outfit. Designed for women who never say the words “I can’t,” Glyder provides gear and inspiration to explore new experiences and forge your own path.

Program highlights include:

  • Up to 10% Commission for sales you generate.
  • 30 Day cookie duration.
  • Free shipping on all orders in the U.S.
  • Largest provider of Glyder products online.
  • Average Order Value $120+
  • Every item purchased at is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Affiliates are not permitted to promote any coupons not provided by us via Avantlink.

Glyder encourages affiliates to use Search Engine Marketing (both paid and natural) in their promotional campaigns. However, we restrict affiliates from keyword bidding on the following terms and their misspellings including: Glyder, cheap glyder, discount glyder, discount glyder clothing, glyder store,, glyderapparel com, glyder com, gylder, gldyer, glyder cheap, glyder clearance, glyder discount, glyder discount code, glyder coupon, glyder coupon code, glyder discount codes, glyder for cheap, glyder on sale, glyder sale, glyder leggings, glyders, sale on glyder, sale glyder, glyder activewear, glyder tops, glyder wholesale, wholesale glyder.

Use of domain names containing our brand terms and their misspellings (including Glyder, Glyder Apparel, Glyder Gallery) violate the terms of the affiliate relationship.

We reserve the right to withhold sales commissions to affiliates or remove affiliates from the program that are found to be in violation of any of Terms & Conditions.