Ranger Up Affiliate Program

8% commission • 60 days cookie duration

Avantlink and Ranger Up have partnered to offer the unique opportunity to represent the original military, patriotic, and tactical apparel brand. Ranger Up’s goal is to always be at the cutting edge of fashion in our community, and this has allowed us to grow nonstop, year-after-year since 2006. We make a wide-variety of goods, from tees and hoodies to large hand-crafted Liquid Metal Signs, to wooden crafted goods, and even performance leggings and rash guards. Our strong social media presence and years in business, coupled with our successful Hollywood Movie, Range 15, make us an instantly recognizable and trusted brand. We break our product line offering into several sub-brands to make it easy for you to select products that best fit your customers:

Ranger Up: Our core brand. Here we focus on the military, historical units, motivational sayings, and the tactical world.

Unapologetically American: Our Patriotic Brand. Here we focus on Americana, hard work, and the founding of our nation.

Get Fit or Die: Here we focus on fitness. The face of our brand in this regard is Tim Kennedy, UFC fighter and Special Forces Soldier.

Old Man’s Club: The target demographic for this is the gentleman between the ages of 35 and 65. The message is a little older, but still dangerous.

We also have areas of specialization that are worth noting:

Law Enforcement
Firefighters and EMS

Program Highlights:

  • 60 day tracking cookie
  • Dedicated brand manager to help you find success with our brand
  • Average Order Value greater than $50, and edging to $80 during the holidays
  • Strongest repeat customer base in our industry
  • Access to high quality marketing images and videos
  • Higher commissions available for top performers
  • Custom shirt design for elite performers

Once accepted to our program you will have access to advertising banners, marketing images and videos for use on your platform.