Sproutt Affiliate Program

$500.00 commission • 60 days cookie duration • Terms & Conditions

At Sproutt (www.sproutt.com) we provide a smarter way to buy life insurance. We’re a team of innovators and young parents who recognize the importance of safeguarding our families. We believe that finding the right insurance policy should be easy and transparent.

We match our customers with the insurance company and policy that best fits their lifestyle, preferences and needs. We do this by combining unique technology and personal touch - which allows us to offer objective and trusted advice, while providing them with a pleasant experience.

Program’s terms:

  • $500.00 commission per Online Application Submission
  • 60 day cookie with multi-device attribution
  • Paid search policy: We encourage affiliates to use generic keywords. However, affiliates may not use Sproutt trademark name, our domain name or misspellings or variations of these.
  • Disclaimer: We do not work with couponing, discount, or loyalty/cashback sites unless previously agreed upon.
  • Content and Blog Sites must submit article to Sproutt prior to being published. Please send link to daniel@sproutt.com.
  • Demographics: US Traffic Only