Wedding Hashers Affiliate Program

40% commission • 30 days cookie duration

At Wedding Hashers customers often tell us that we are the best money they spent on their entire wedding. No we don’t provide venues, catering, or officiants – we provide wedding hashtags!

Our goal is to pair pro writers with couples getting married to come up with the puniest possible hashtags given their names, hobbies, and wedding info. Some of our favorites are #LiveLongAndProsser, #YouveGotMayle, #ItsMientsToBe, and #PappelOfMyEye.

Wedding Hashers looks beyond just using these hashtags in social media. We want couples to use this hashtag on invitations, wedding day merch, and even as a lifetime slogan. We offer different packages varying from $15 to $80.

Program Highlights & Value Propositions

  • 40% commission
  • 30 day cookie duration
  • 95% of customers purchase on first interaction
  • High conversion rates (2%-5%)

Product Highlights

  • All writers are employed in USA
  • Satisfaction guarantee on products
  • The largest hashtag copy writing company

Wedding Hashers appeals to engaged couples. Primarily women ages 25-35. We welcome applications from websites that share this target audience.