Aventon Bikes Affiliate Program

4% commission • 30 days cookie duration

Aventon’s mission is to empower everyone to ride bikes regardless of their age or ability. We are passionate about bikes because we believe that bikes change lives through the freedom of mobility. We are fully committed to building the best-value bikes in the industry that are fun to ride without compromising quality, durability, and comfort. Join us on our journey to innovate and create bikes that are accessible and affordable to more people. Your move.

At Aventon we offer a 4% base commission and have a 30-day cookie life. Bonuses and commission may be revoked if affiliate breaks any of the standards of proper affiliate behavior. To avoid disciplinary actions, one must employ a liberal amount of common sense, respect, and honesty. As an affiliate we accept you as our business partner and want to be able to communicate with you freely. To accomplish this, we will need an active email address; without it performance bonuses may not be given.

Our Program is also professionally managed by Solomon Marketing, who has dedicated a program manager to handle the day to day management and communications.

  • 4% commission
  • 30 Day Cookie
  • Last Click Attribution