The Rise Of The Subscription Box Merchant | AvantLink Weekly Roundup

With just four full months into 2018, the biggest trend of the year for affiliates is already emerging. This is the year that will be remembered for the rise of the subscription box affiliate program.

Subscription boxes are available for pretty much anything. From outdoor gear to coding instructions for children, these programs make ideal promotions for affiliates for their low price points to get started, generally high payouts per purchase and excellent solutions as gifts. Interested? If so, take a look at these top examples of monthly subscription box opportunities on AvantLink or head over to the programs page for more.

Outdoors: Cairn Outdoor Subscription Box, $10-$20/subscription

Recreation: Lucky Tackle Box, $6.50/subscription

Education: BitsBox, $5-$15/subscription

Food/Cooking: Mantry, 10% commission

Fashion: The Box Of Style by The Zoe Report, $15/subscription

Preparedness: Prepper Gear Box,  7% commission

(Bonus, launching soon) Fitness/Health: Yogi Surprise, 10% commission


New Affiliate Program Launches

Short Term – Employ and educate entrepreneurs in areas effected by conflict. Every product we sell funds a day of education for an Afghan woman

Long Term – Educate a woman and she will educate her children. Educated children grow up to be educated adults. Educated adults are less likely to be radicalized removing them from the radical recruitment base.

Join the Combat Flip Flops affiliate program. is your premiere seller of beard goods. We sell High end Beard Care Kits, Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Wash and Beard Conditioner, and Beard Combs. This is a line of products that we are proud of. We promise to offer you top of the line customer service, fast shipping, and a high standard of quality. Using low quality beard products is not worth your suffering, money, or most importantly, time. 30% commission!

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Our affiliate program allows bloggers, content sites and community members to earn a commission by promoting Outdoorsy to RV owners and renters alike. For every happy new RV owner and renter, we match, you earn a piece of the profit from their first completed transaction.

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At FITS®, we are sock experts. The first time you try on a pair of FITS®, you will notice the difference. The fit and feel is right – that is, the sock dynamically adapts to the shape of your foot with a comforting and conforming hold. But the true test of our sock is during and after it’s been put to work on the trail, on the slopes, on the road, or on the job. That is when you will truly appreciate your FITS®.

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Over the past 53 years, we have contributed heavily to the growth of shooting and hunting sports in America. As a result, we’ve elevated handgun and muzzleloader hunting to new heights. Thompson/Center continues to lead the industry through the development of innovative, quality products for sport shooters and hunters worldwide.

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