The Top Five Affiliate Opportunities Of 2018

Affiliate marketers have no shortage of brands and products to promote. So much so that it’s often challenging to keep on top of the newest, most promising opportunities. Each individual new program launch on AvantLink is recapped on our Weekly Roundup posts every Friday, but that may still not provide a crystal clear picture of the verticals that are on the rise. Today, we consolidate those program launches into a list ofthe hottest new verticals that offer both a large selection of merchant programs and strong consumer demand. Here are the top five affiliate opportunities of 2018:

Electric Bikes

No product category sees higher demand than electric bicycles. A recent shift in the cycling industry has seen many manufacturers go direct-to-consumer with product sales. More importantly, nearly every manufacturer now offers an e-bike product in some form to meet the significant demand from consumers. From mountain bikes to commuter bikes, this product category typically results in very high average order values. And with spring around the corner, affiliates have a perfect window to prepare for e-bike promotion.

Example Merchant Programs: Raleigh Electric (4% commission, $1,500 AOV) and iZIP eBikes (4% commission, $1,500 AOV). See all e-bike merchants on the AvantLink programs page by selecting ‘Cycling’ from the category drop down box.


Firearms- and in particular firearm accessories- greatly benefit from a passionate consumer base who is willing to spend. Despite being arguably the most controversial product vertical to promote, affiliates who do have access to a huge number of manufacturer programs that cover every niche of the firearm space. Additionally, buyers will often purchase multiple customization products nudging sales totals (and your commission) higher.

Example Merchant Programs: Smith & Wesson Accessories (7% commission), Cabela’s (3% commission, $130 AOV), Natchez Shooters Supplies (4% commission, $195 AOV) and SilencerCo (10% commission, $175 AOV). See all firearms merchants on the AvantLink programs page by selecting ‘Firearms/Tactical’ from the category drop down box.

Monthly Box Subscriptions

What hasn’t been turned into a monthly subscription box service yet? They are everywhere and for good reason. Monthly box subscription services are affordable, unpredictable and largely play on passion categories. They also make for excellent gifts, which opens up a whole new realm of promotional strategy for affiliates. Earning potential is significant. Despite most subscription box services having a low initial AOV, commission structures are often flat bounties paid on the signup. These flat payouts are very large in comparison to the initial purchase, allowing affiliates to capitalize on the low price point for more sales.

Example Merchant ProgramsMarley Spoon Australia ($45 payout per subscription) and Mystery Tackle Box ($6 payout per subscription). Subscription box programs exist in nearly every program category on AvantLink. Visit the AvantLink programs page to browse the network’s programs.

College Textbooks

This is about as obscure as a promotional vertical gets, but it’s a “do-not-miss” opportunity. No other product category carries both the high AOV and absolute necessity than college textbooks. Better yet, most universities and colleges revolve around a three or four semester schedule each year, with each semester bring its own textbook requirements. A number of early adopting savvy affiliates have already established viable promotional methods and are seeing huge results. This opportunity is ripe for the taking.

Example Merchant Programs: University of Northern Iowa (4% commission, $140 AOV) See all college bookstore merchants on the AvantLink programs page by selecting ‘Books’ from the category drop down box.

Nutrition/Wellness Products

Products that support healthy lifestyles are part of a vertical that is evergreen for promotion potential. More specifically, merchant programs with protein powders and supplements perform particularly well for affiliates. Because of the amount of competition in the space, these programs bring a number of advantages to the table for affiliates including moderate AOVs paired with commission rates that are typically very high.

Example Merchant Programs: Pharmaca (8% commission, $75 AOV) and BN Labs (25% commission, $72 AOV)

Bonus: International Opportunities

Affiliates with international traffic, even a small amount, have a chance to unique capitalize on those visitors. The AvantLink Australia and AvantLink Canada networks offer country-specific merchant partnership opportunities that result in more relevant ads being served to out-of-country visitors. For more information on just how to do that, take a look at this guide on serving country-specific ads to international visitors published last year on the AvantLink blog.