Affiliate Marketing Weekly Roundup: Holiday Ads & Strategy

With the World Series, Halloween, and the Holidays–the fall is full of big opportunities in affiliate marketing, so pushing out your holiday ads, keeping your ad tools ready to go, and focusing on what’s going on with your content will yield some great results. Read on to learn ways to take advantage of this opportunity, and check out the latest merchant programs.


But first, we’ve got some news. For the fifth time, AvantLink ranked in the MWCN Top 100 fastest growing companies in 2016. Learn more about how we got there, and see where we ranked in our latest blog post.

Tool of the Week: Holiday Ads

[clickToTweet tweet=”Capitalize on the World Series. Learn to embed targeted merchant ads on AvantLink!” quote=”Capitalize on the World Series. Learn to embed targeted merchant ads on AvantLink!” theme=”style3″]


The World Series is a wild time for sports apparel retailers. No matter who wins, either Indians or Cubs fans are going to go nuts buying World Series apparel, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn commissions on the flood of sales that will be coming through as you cover the world series on your website. A great merchant to look at on our network for World Series gear is Fanatics, who are already gearing up for the final game.
To capture this momentum and earn more commissions, look for new targeted ads from your merchants, and install dynamic ads on your site so they can be quickly updated without editing any code. Also be on the lookout for emails from your merchants that might have valuable pointers, and html for targeted holiday ads.


Just like affiliates, merchants benefiting from the World Series sales should stay on top of ad campaigns. Have your ads ready to go for so they will be updated quickly on all your affiliates’ sites when the winner is determined. Also, don’t be shy about pushing out emails to your affiliates about your strategy, and include the html for your dynamic ad.
This same strategy goes for holiday shoppers. Any time there is a “moment” to be had, you want your ads and affiliates pointing your customers in the right direction.

New Merchants

[clickToTweet tweet=”Promote new merchants with products that turn your phone into a waterproof GoPro & have the latest apparel!” quote=”Promote new merchants with products that turn your phone into a waterproof GoPro & have the latest apparel!” theme=”style3″]

ProShot enables you to use something you carry in your pocket as an all-purpose, high action camera. This case turns your phone into a high quality waterproof, mountable camera. Affiliates who review GoPros and action sports, be the first to tell your readers about this awesome tool and earn 10% on a 30 day cookie! With all the iphone 7s being bought, and given as gifts, this accessory could be at the top of many wish lists! Apply on the ProShotCase program description page. has a bit of everything for everyone. No matter who your audience is, with 10,000 products in over 300 categories, from fashion to the outdoors, you’ll have some great deals to promote. Get details and apply today on the US, Canada, and Australia program description pages.

TheShoeMart is a longstanding retailer of all things footwear, and their online shop has premium brands at premium prices for every occasion. Market for fashion, comfort, and outdoors all from this merchant and earn 6% on a 30 day cookie. Apply on TheShoeMart program description page.

Join us next week for our latest holiday strategies and tips.