What Does July 4th Do For Affiliate Sales? | AvantLink Weekly Roundup

With a weekend and a holiday just around the corner, many in the affiliate space are preparing for a few extra days to disconnect for a while. But what does the Fourth of July look like for affiliate sales? Is there an increase in sales or a lull in activity across the board?

Comparing five years worth of historical data, AvantLink saw a clear trend of lower sales on the fourth compared to the three days before and after the holiday. Typically sales were lower by an average of 21% compared to the daily sales average for the three days before and after the fourth. This was the case up until 2016, where that trend flipped. Instead of lower sales volume, affiliate sales were up by a factor of 27% using the three day before and after average sale volume comparisons.

Will that upward trend continue this year? More brands than ever are opting to offer affiliates some sort of 4th of July promotional deal this year, so it’s safe to remain optimistic about another strong year for sales during July Fourth.

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